Thursday, April 21, 2011

holy week tidbits

1. been loving following along with what was happening (chronologically) the last week of Jesus' life. makes it all seem so much more real to think of His last days!

2. been reading along with these devotionals for the last couple weeks (even though they're designed for kids). she is so gifted with words.

3. been listening nonstop to this song. so worshipful. He is worthy of our affection!

4. excited about experiencing my 1st ever messianic Passover Seder tonight. we, covered in the blood of Christ our Passover Lamb: the final sacrifice.

5. anticipating Good Friday night, learning from David Platt about the crucifixion, salvation & the glory of God.

6. then lastly, celebrating this great event on Easter Sunday here.


  1. Love it! So excited about what you are doing! Praying for Friday night. Check out this Holy Week Timeline:

  2. Hi Katie! Just wanted to pop in your place with a hello. Blessings, friend!