Thursday, April 7, 2011

Return Ministries

after spending a few days in Jinja
we packed up our little van
and journeyed 3+ hours
to Kampala, Uganda

[i'd say those guys were livin' on the edge]

selling sugar cane roadside
LOTS of traffic in Kampala

finally...we arrived at our destination:
Return Ministries Uganda
check them out their awesome website HERE

we were greeted by these little ones singing :)

this is Pastor Samuel. he runs Return.
such a sweet, humble man FULL of godly vision.

this ministry does so much.
there are orphans living at the Return home.

including these 4 siblings:
Joel, Sam, David, and Esther

[sam and i particularly bonded]

elvis, sam, jimmy

Return also runs a
sponsorship program,
sends kids to school,
hosts a church
feeds kids,
and reaches out to the whole surrounding community.

they are being the hands of Jesus
to the community around them!

they are a relatively new ministry
working SO hard
for the glory of God
and the good of others.

please consider giving a donation
to help sweet ones like Dora & Robert

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