Thursday, March 10, 2011

the countdown begins

24 hours to go...

2 50lb bags full of clothes, shoes, books, deodorant - CHECK
50+ handmade cards for sweet sponsored child Ellis - CHECK
a dozen or so letters written to Katie, to encourage - CHECK

thanks to the donations of so many of y'all,
i leave for my Ugandan adventure TOMORROW!

please pray for:
-safe travels & good health
-unity of our team
-opportunities to share about Jesus with many
-orphans to find new identity in their Abba Father!!!

this last one is so near & dear to my heart.
my walk with God was RADICALLY changed when i read Abba's Child as a college student.
pray that many kids would find the love they're so longing for
in the sweet, loving arms of their Heavenly Father.

with each group of kids we'll be doing a VBS program -
complete with games, arts&crafts, singing, and Bible teaching:
all centered on what it means to know God as your Abba Father.
pray that these kids will come to know Him in a real way!

1 comment:

  1. So excited for you, Katie! And glad you have the essentials like clothes, shoes, books....... and deodorant. :)