Wednesday, March 30, 2011

help these kids know they're loved...

here's my lil "family"
at Canaan Children's Home.
in front we have Owen and Dorcus,
in the back we have Peter & Jotham (in the plaid).

Canaan Children's Home is really a special place.
for an orphan, it seems about as good as it could get.

the people that are working there are doing some amazing things. aunties each caring for roughly 25 kids. they are BUSY and have their work cut out for them! laundry, cleaning, taking care of the sick ones...

so what we were able to do, was come in and be reinforcements. and just give love! endless hugs and kisses ...that's what the kids crave more than anything. more than any item or material thing. attention and love is what they crave.

that's what breaks my heart the most. now, i am SO grateful their basic needs are getting met: rice & beans at every meal, a safe place to lay their heads, godly men & women teaching and providing for them. but what breaks my heart is that they're not getting the 1 on 1 care that they so crave...

who's there to tuck each one into bed?
who's there to look into each pair of eyes,
and tell them they are special or brave or beautiful?
who's there to listen deeply and hear their story

and remind them of how loved they are?

it hurts my heart to think about. that's why i believe adoption is such a beautiful, redemptive, important part of healing this orphan crisis.

but for the kids that aren't adoptable right now... what about them?

1) pray for them. seriously. it makes a difference. these kids believe in the power of prayer. pray that they will feel loved and secure. that they'll know their worth in Christ. that they'll trust God as their Abba Father.

2) sponsor a kid. the money goes to a general pool that provides money for food, money for school fees, money to help keep Canaan's going. but the biggest thing: i can't even convey how special it makes them feel to have an individual sponsor. i heard these kids talk about sponsors alot. they LOVE to write letters and would probably write you endlessly. [seriously, i probably was given over a dozen of the most precious notes EVER from these kids at Canaan's.]

you can sponsor a kid (anywhere between age 2 and 18) while they live at Canaan's. after that, there's a special need for people to pay "scholarships" of $500 to send a Canaan grad to University for a year! otherwise, they cannot afford it and do not go. this is a huge blessing.

if you're interested in sponsoring/scholarshipping a Canaan's kid let me know. i can put you in touch with my friend Brenda who works for Visiting Orphans. she's communicating with them back at Canaan's to get sponsorships set up. you can see pictures and read stories about specific kids (!) on this page, just click on "Sponsor a Child".

sponsoring a kid says to them "you are seen". you are important. you matter. someone notices you. someone is praying for you - by name!
it speaks
worth and value into their life.

it looks like my Mom and i will be sponsoring my "son" Peter together.
i am so excited about this way to partner with him... a tangible way to show him how much we love him. plus, he is gonna be one heck of a penpal :)

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  1. OH I love this post. I am so thankful for the way you articulate this need and their hearts. I LOVE that the Lord led you to Peter and provided a way for you to sponsor him with your mom! Praise HIM for He loves His children!