Friday, March 25, 2011

my teammate (& now friend) Shelby told me about this song.
it pretty perfectly explains my experience and what i'm processing through now.
play it and listen to the lyrics, and read on :)

ok so. let's just start at the very beginning. a very good place to start :)

day 1.
we finally land in Entebbe, Uganda! here we go!

wait, who's "we"? we are a team of 17 people,
going together as a group through Visiting Orphans,
an amazing ministry i would recommend ANY of you supporting.

sign up to go serve on a trip with them. seriously, just do it! they send teams to love on orphans all over the world. the best thing is that VO has valuable partnerships with local ministries that are supporting orphans, and VO has become a great voice for them - helping expose people to the work that's being done & still needs to be done for the sake of orphans around the world.

as i was saying, our team: ranging in age from 20 to 60, married and single, from all over the US from arizona to ohio to georgia to tennessee and more! didn't know each other before, but it was so awesome to see how God handpicked our team. we were such a unique & different bunch, yet we worked so well together, learned a ton from one another, and had a blast doing it. generous, serving, loving people! awesome picture of different parts of the Christ's body coming together to serve as the church!

so, we loaded up our DOZENS of 50lb bags full of donations. we had bags & bags of stuff - donated clothes, shoes, panties, medicine, toiletries, books, jump ropes, dolls, sports equipment, arts & crafts, donated laptops and cameras, and more... so we loaded up an entire truck full of our bags. we loaded ourselves up in a van and made the 3+ hour trek from the airport to Jinja!

oh Jinja. [i left my heart in Jinja!] after landing in Entebbe, driving through Kampala, continuing to head out to more rural parts of Uganda... you get to Jinja.

as our van made its way through the streets, we'd constantly hear the voices of little children crying out "mzungu! mzungu!" (meaning white person) and just smiling and waving.

our 1st night we spend at the beautiful King Fisher Resort, settled right on gorgeous Lake Victoria. i had no idea Uganda was as lush as it is! this was a beautiful area. the sounds in Africa are wonderful. so many birds, and cows, and roosters! oh my goodness. roosters and chickens everwhere! i think they're the Ugandan version of squirrel and chipmunk.

we stay the night in beautiful little bungalows, and wake up the next morning to take a boat ride out on Lake Victoria into the Nile!

next up... we head to see the kids!!

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