Monday, March 28, 2011

stuck in a moment, and i can't get out of it... [thanks U2]

when i think back on my trip,
there are a few special moments
that i particularly treasure:

1. one early morning i was reading my bible on the steps outside our room.
little Owen came up (as always) and sat down beside me.
i asked him if he'd like to pray together & he eagerly said yes, no fear at all.
we held hands
as i prayed out loud in English,
then he in Lugandan.

i so wonder what he was telling God in his sweet prayer.

i love that our God is Lord of every tribe, tongue, and nation.
sitting there praying in 2 languages with Owen
was such a glimpse of Heaven for me.

Owen is 7 years old. he's lived at Canaan for 2 years.
his details are not mine to share, but they break my heart.

Owen has the most penetrating eyes in the world.
he's the one looking right at me in the above photo.
his eyes were always looking.
always searching. always watching.
for love? stability? acceptance?
could he find me? was i still there? would i remember him?

2. another of the moments occurred one night after dinner.
after finishing, we decided to have some worship as a team.
Devin started playing his guitar, and we started singing.
a few songs in, i felt compelled to ask if we could invite the children in
to sing with us. of course! thanks Holy Spirit :)

i stood at the door held open
and watched delightedly as kids just FLED inside
"wanna sing with us?"
was all i had to say
and watch the kids RUN in.

each child found a seat
(mostly in our laps)
my Dorcus, the little girl below, pictured with my Owen,
found her seat in my lap.

i will never forget singing to the Lord
while holding her in my arms
and how when i'd lift my hands in praise,
she'd put her little hands in mine.

3. oh, my Peter. sweet, sweet Peter.
13 years old and heart of gold.
we connected from day 1,
with lots of conversation.
he gave me notes & drawings
and his own schoolbook
translating English to Lugandan
so i could keep learning :)

he refers to himself as
'your son Peter'

Peter is so bright, so smart, with such dreams.
he loves the Lord, and early on began asking me
"if i would pray over him??"

as we were leaving the last day
i seized the opportunity
and him
as i literally grabbed him
"we've got to pray!"

i held him
and prayed for him and his life
asking for blessing and that he'd know how LOVED he is...
then got on the bus.

praying over Peter
was the last interaction
i had with a child in Uganda

i wouldn't have wanted to end it any other way.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful and so peaceful. I've been missing Africa lately, and this just made my heart smile. You're beautiful, Katie!