Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hello from JINJA, UGANDA!!

hello everyone!
at an internet cafe here in Jinja.
don't have the time to describe what we've been seeing and doing...
but we are loving on hundreds of kids.
these people are breathtakingly beautiful, and generous, and hospitable, and kind.
we have met many faithful believers who are doing the work of Christ here,
caring for the fatherless and the least of these.
pray for Pastor Isaac and the work they're doing at Canaan Children's Home.
pray for Godfrey and the work they're doing with the street kids at Pillars of Hope.
so many sweet kids, so desperate for hugs and hands to hold, so full of love for Jesus.

i am SO BLESSED beyond words to be here. God's world... it blows me away.


  1. so happy to hear you made it safely! i can imagine how amazing it is to actually BE there. praise God that He is the God of all nations and the perfect Father to the fatherless. will continue praying for you and your requests!

  2. I am delighted to see what you are doing and that you are not just doing it because it is of Good, but because you love doing it. I admire you for that reason. May God continuously be with you because you are a blessing to others. I love you Kate :)