Saturday, February 19, 2011

busyness vs. jesus

the past few weeks have been non-stop BUSY.

plenty of 'good things', mind you:

bibles studies to be done & books to be read

discipleship groups coordinated & Uganda trip preparations made

check marks on to-do lists & frantic alarm reminders...

but with that pace of life

often comes stress:

health worries & money worries & too much to do

but not enough time

maybe i just have less stamina than the average person?

but all this busyness wears me OUT

i find that so much busyness

(even when it's really 'worthy' stuff)

can be a bad thing...

when it's robbing me from time to BE WITH JESUS

it's a trap that's so easy to fall into:

doing for Jesus

rather than

being with Jesus

Luke 10:38-42 has been a passage i've returned to countless times

where Jesus reminds 1 the 2 sisters

not to get caught up in all the busyness

not to be so "distracted by all the preparations"

He tells her this,

in all these worthy deeds

(hospitality for Jesus, after all!)

don't neglect the most imporant thing, the "better part" ~

being with Him

sitting at His feet


it can be a tricky thing to balance,

because there's value in both:

service for Christ & time with Christ

but really,

one must precede the other

one fuels the other

still trying to figure all that out:

how to order my life in such a way

where time with Jesus

is not something i squeeze in

but the main thing

that comes before anything else

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