Friday, February 25, 2011

it's a miracle!

i just wanted to testify for a quick lil minute
that God has performed a miracle in my life.

the miracle?

he is enabling me to memorize scripture.

now obviously, this is not the typical miracle one might think of.
but for me, with my track record of scatteredness & lack of discipline?
trust me.
it's a straight-up miracle.

1) he's changing my heart to actually want to do it
2) he's helping me to do so
to the point that it actually is easier
with each passing week!

in january i decided to try to memorize Philippians.
who knows what on earth i was thinking?
i have been horrible at consistently memorizing 1 verse here or 2 verses there
so i'm not sure why i thought i should tackle a book?

Piper's thoughts there and his obedience here
along with Ann's post about scripture memory hit me to the core:
"in making to-do lists to run our lives,
why not make time to let God’s Word revolutionize our lives?
because making time to memorize His Word
is putting the first things first."

she is memorizing Colossians
but she shared about a community of people
memorizing Philippians by Easter.

i liked the idea of having Resurrection Sunday as the end point,
then discovering that the d-group i'm in was studying that book this semester -
i knew it was game on.

i wanted:
my mind to be saturated with scripture
to fight anxiety
to better take the thoughts captive
to fight sin
to dwell on things above
to think on things lovely
to fight laziness
to meditate on Christ!

and it's definitely not even close to achieving all those things yet
but that's what i trust that the discipline of scripture memory
will, over time, help me to do.

this week i'm on Philippians 2:12-18
i still struggle at it and don't always make my weekly deadline and i miss words
and always have to remind myself that it's not about doing it just to do it.

it's about living what it says
and hiding scripture in my heart
to meditate on
and make me think of Him.

to fill my mind and my mouth with sweet honey
trusting that it will taste better than any worldly thing.

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