Monday, February 7, 2011

kisses from katie

a couple years ago my life was changed.

a sweet friend Erin shared a link to another blog. i clicked over, curious.
a blog written by another brown-haired katie from tennessee.
who, 19 years old, had up & moved to Uganda.
skipping the expected, traditional high-school-to-college-to-career path.
following the Lord's will for her life, listening intently to His voice, submitting to His leading.

had moved there first for a little while. and then for forever.
14 adopted kids of her own, hundreds sponsored, thousands more fed.

i was sucked into her world. shocked by her stories. amazed at her heart.
i was changed by her heart for the orphan, for the 'least of these'.
but also by her huge heart for Jesus.

she was one who really seemed to understand...
that Jesus ministered to all kinds of need.
couldn't be confined to just 'liberal' or 'conservative'.
couldn't be pegged as either some secular social worker or some Bible-thumping street preacher.
He saw needs: both physical and spiritual.
He met needs: both physical and spiritual.

Katie lives what Jesus modeled: feed their bellies while you feed their souls.
it's both/and. not either/or.
as you feed them bread, feed them Bread.
as you give them water to satisfy their need, share Living Water,
to quench their deepest thirst.

how sweet that as she tells them of His love for them,
she can give them a picture of this love,
by coupling her words with action.

in about a month, i will get to briefly join her there. more on that to come :)


  1. Enjoyed reading your first blog! Very encouraging. Keep'em coming!

  2. YEA!!! So excited to keep up with your thoughts and your journey on your blog! :)