Monday, February 21, 2011

seeing jesus

thought i'd start out by sharing a lil clip of katie davis & her life in uganda...

i think the thing that challenges me more than anything else about her life
is her capacity to LOVE people well.

she loves when it is inconvenient & messy & hard.
she brings the dying into her home, feeds them, prays over them.
loves them even when it's only a matter of time til they're gone.

the amazing thing is how she gives herself so fully to people.
she gives of herself, selflessly.
poured out, stretched thin, yet full of joy!

i say all this not to deify her!
she's just a person
a broken, needy sinner like everybody else!

but when i see her loving the way she does
i see Jesus

it's evident
that she's so FULL of Jesus
that she overflows with His love towards others.

when i think about my immense inabilities
to love people well
[how i'm selfish & impatient, irritable & individualistic]
the glaring disparity between myself and Jesus
is abundantly clear

what must i "do"
to love people better?

i must seek more of Jesus
seek His heart, His word, his presence, His Spirit...
that changes
and enables me to love beyond my own meager capacity

i'll never be stretched to love
beyond what's comfortable and natural for me.

thanking God for how her recent words challenged me
to see more Jesus
by striving to love like He loves us.

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