Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kisses from katie cont'd: adoption & the gospel

katie davis' blog was just the beginning for me.

God used her story to W I D E N my perspective of Kingdom care.
specifically, of "orphan care".


there's a word that doesn't come up in daily conversation.

to me it used to sound so antiquated. so old fashioned,
and always ending with some happy-ever-after scenario,
a la "little orphan annie".

instead of current. daily. reality. for over 140 million real kids.

140,000,000+ kids. each one "fearfully and wonderfully made".
knit together, fashioned by God. [psalm 139:13-16]
made uniquely in His image. [genesis 1:26]
miracle of life.

140,000,000 kids
who are defined by what they don't have

God was not done showing me.
after katie's blog came more...

like suzanne's beautiful story: 7 kids, 3 adopted, 1 HIV+
the earthquake in haiti & the attention brought to orphans there
the carroll fam's inspiring journey domestically
& then again from ethiopia to memphis
andrea's incredible perspective
this family's obedience
and so many more.

God was changing my life by teaching me about t
he care of an orphan.

and i finally caught on to why:
isn't "orphan care" something God's been passionate about?
since Calvary, or before?

since that is what He does,
each time someone gives their life to Jesus.

every time that happens
God opens up His family.
adopts him in.
exchanges her status
from stranger to daughter.
once a slave to sin,
now given the rights of sonship!
i call Him: Abba, Father!

Jesus - sharing His inheritance.
with me!

from orphan... to child of God!
"no longer a stranger ... a member of God's family"
[ephesians 2:19]

no wonder God commands me & other Christ-followers to
"look after the orphan"! [james 1:27]
since i can relate! since that is what i once was!
and i now know the joy of being adopted in.

praise the Lord for adopting me!
and for beginning to teach me
how caring for the orphan
is one way we will
His care for us.

Jesus' promise: "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."
[john 14:18]

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  1. LOOOVE these posts!! Her story and the 147 million group has totally rocked me!! KT, I'm so glad we're blog stalkers :)