Wednesday, February 23, 2011

letters for katie

i leave for uganda in 16 days. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

that leaves me 16 days
to gather as many encouraging letters & notes as i can.

my friend John gave me a great idea:
get friends who have been encouraged by Katie and her story
to write a letter of encouragement to her

i know for me words of affirmation is definitely one of my "love languages"
it means a ton to have someone verbalize, written or otherwise, what you mean to them

so imagine what an encouragement it might be to receive:
a packet bursting with letters
from total strangers!
telling stories
of how they've been encouraged
and challenged
and changed
by her blog and her life lived for Jesus

so if you've been impacted in any way by her story?
please consider taking some time to send some words her way

what a way that we can "spur her on towards love and good deeds" [hebrews 10:24-25]

lemme know if you want in. thanks friends :)


  1. Totally working on it. My girls are hoping to make cards for some of the girls...ok to do that too?