Tuesday, February 15, 2011

compassion = see. feel. DO.

a couple sundays ago we learned about compassion.
how you see it
then you feel it
then you do something about it!

jesus' compassion always led to action.

so after having seen the orphan crisis
and having felt ache in my heart because of it
what was i to do?

i was excited to be able to help support other people's adoptions in small ways...
i loved giving Ugandan necklaces that supported orphans...
i got excited to help with our church's new orphan initiative...
i began to share what i was learning, through sharing blogs, and thoughts...
i even began to dream of the day when i could adopt...

and then God gave me amazing opportunity
to go spend 10 days devoted to loving on them!

i still can't believe it's happening
that in less than a month i'll be in Uganda!

serving with 5 different ministries
dedicated to serving and loving on 'the least of these'

My Father's House & Return Ministries & Canaan Children's Home
to serve these kids and these kids and these kids too

along with a ministry called Pillars of Hope,
devoted to serving street kids...

and then, for the final weekend,
serving these kids with Katie at Amazima!

oh i cannot WAIT to be there.

there are still shots to be gotten
and money to be raised
and donations to be gathered

but i am excited to be there, to see these kids, face to face...

we'll be leading a vacation bible school:
sharing the Good News
telling them about their Abba Father
who longs to adopt them into His family.

we'll be bringing with us:
new mattresses and much-needed clothes
medicine and shoes and diapers
lots of hugs and love and prayers.

there's still time to give if you'd like to!
whether it's money to help me get there
or goods that i can give away...

will you pray about giving?

what a great way to put our compassion into action!
if you would like to help, please let me know :)

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